Why has my carvela.com item/order been cancelled?

If you get an email from us saying ‘it’s cancelled’ it’s likely that it wasn’t in stock.
We sell out pretty quick, so sometimes you might have an item in your bag that isn’t available when your order is being processed. Sadly, we might not know it’s sold out until your order is being packed a couple of days after your order has been placed.

Keep checking the website – we get new items daily.


Refund information for a cancelled item/order:

We’ll automatically refund you for a cancelled order/item if you have been charged and you paid via PayPal. But if you have paid by debit or credit card, no payment will have been taken for this cancelled order/item. Instead, it will show as a ‘pending transaction’ in your account which should be reversed by your bank in the timeframe set by them, which is usually a few days.

Just FYI, your order will still be charged if you bought additional items that haven’t been cancelled, although your ‘pending charge’ might show the original order price.

There’s more info on this below.


Pending information:

We only charge your payment method once your order has been successfully dispatched and up to this time, you may see a ‘pending’ or ‘ring-fenced’ amount on your bank account. Whenever a transaction is processed through our systems, we carry out security checks and obtain authorisation from the bank before the funds are taken.

After authorisation, your transaction can still fail, for example when an item is out of stock which means your order will be cancelled. If your transaction fails after authorisation, the money will still be ‘ring-fenced’ on your account, but they won’t be taken.

After authorisation has been placed on your account the reserve can last up to 10 working days before it is lifted. This timeframe is set by your card issuer, sadly we don’t have any control over it and can’t lift it ourselves.