What If My Parcel Is Oversized?


For oversized items measuring over '61cm x 46cm x 46cm', UK customers can utilize our EVRi collection service for returns. Here's how:

  1. Repack items according to the Returns Policy.
  2. Log-in to the Returns Portal and select the item(s).
  3. Choose the Evri Collection service (a printer will be required).
  4. Make the payment.
  5. Print and attach the label to your parcel.
  6. Evri will collect your parcel on your selected date; retain proof of collection.
  7. Track your parcel's return.
  8. Receive your refund.

In case EVRi fails to collect on the scheduled day, check your tracking for rescheduled collections or re-book another one here.
Please note that returns via EVRi may take up to 14 days to reach our warehouse. Please allow this time before contacting us.